Super + w binded twice in rc.xml

Small bug in rc.xml openbox config file.
W-w (W is windows/super key) is binded to two actions.
First to open Web Browser (Firefox by default), and second to “Close” action.

To fix just edit rc.xml file - go to Main menu W -> Settings -> RC - configuration file

and remove lines 579-581 as shown below.


Hello, after removing lines proposed and rebooting I got this error dialog window:

@ben_chile check the line 1247 (it is written in the error). A syntax error has occurred.

@ben_chile you probably deleted to much. You can copy default rc.xml file from /etc/skel/.config/openbox/rc.xml
Something like:

cp /etc/skel/.config/openbox/rc.xml /home/ben_chile/.config/openbox/

Nie znam angielskiego i nie wiem czy wypada używać translatora, ale koelga może z rozpędu wyrzucił te same linie co @napcok wskazał, ale np. u mnie błąd był w innych liniach.

od 554 do 556, a nie 579 do 581

to oczywiście tylko sugestia.