Strange window title signs

2021.11 - > Window Title: XYZ - Mozilla Firefox /i/

What is “/i/”
On PCManFM in window title is: username /q/

What is that /q/ ?

On terminal window I got /y/.

Hi @Marian . Welcome to Mabox! :slight_smile:

Those are keyboard shortcuts.

  • Windows are dynamically binded to keyboard shortcuts, so it is possible to reach any window with one or a few keystrokes.
    Keybinds are presented on the window titlebar. Use super + letter to switch

Brilliant, Thank You. People likes pictures… I just scroll down, and missed this fragment 2. in text without hero-picture. My mistake.

openbox-rc default superdesk theme:
window.handle.width: 3 - works better… for me.

Thank You napcok for UR work on MABOX - IMHO this is THE Best disto for adv user.

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