[Stable Update] 2024-05-29 - Kernels, Plasma 6.0.5, GNOME 46.2, Mesa

Another Manjaro stable branch update :heart_eyes:

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Hi, is this a good place to post experiences?

Several issues with the latest update. Have three installs of Mabox; one on an older 4-core Dell laptop, one on a mid-size Intel 8-thread system, and one on a high-end Intel 32-core system.

On the laptop, trying to update resulted in a hard-lock. Was forced to power-off. Upon reboot, some files were damaged, so had to clear and rebuild pamac and pacman caches, along with reinstalling some apps. Seems stable now, but have had little time to test. That laptop is reloaded about once a year, and seems unusually prone to problems.

On the mid-size system, update mostly went smoothly. Complained of conflicting gcc12, so removed that and it updated to gcc13 fine. BUT, now PyRadio just reports “Moving files to XDG directories … Error: moving files to XDG directories failed… Cleaning up… Press ENTER to exit…” It otherwise is a solid machine.

On the high-end system, updated gcc the same way. Then there were still several packages which complained of conflicts. So I unchecked those and tried to update everything else. Well I was suddenly kicked out to the logon screen. Trying again, it kicked me out to a black screen. Doing Ctrl+Alt+F2 I was able to get to a terminal. Tried fixing pacman and pamac but they were both locked. Checked processes, they were no longer running. Didn’t realize that the kernels had been deleted; tried to reboot to remove the lock. Well of course it then didn’t boot. Will attempt a live-repair later, but that system is spread across four NVME SSDs, so expecting some difficulty.

Edit: repair was fairly straightforward and greatly eased by the following commands garnered from this thread (thanks guys!) Booted from latest live image, opened a terminal and did sudo su - then manjaro-chroot -a which took care of identifying the partitions, auto-mounting them, and auto-chrooting into it. Then tinker with pamac and pacman to get those unlocked, download a new kernel in case one or more was damaged, and rebuild with mkinitcpio -P followed by grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg.

Edit: at least on one machine, trying to run fsearch v0.2.3-2 gives a missing libicuuc.so.74 file. The icu (International Components for Unicode library) package 75.1-1 was part of the update.