[Stable Update] 2021-01-19 - Kernels, XFCE, Plasma, PulseAudio, Pipewire, Mesa, Firefox, Thunderbird, KDE Apps

Manjaro stable branch update. First of 2021.

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Hello. This is my first post as Mabox user.

After the upgrade, I have a probably minor issue , but it’s frustrating after an amazing user experience:
After the post-upgrade reboot, no left-click menu. the message “fail to run process obconf…file or directory not found”.
At the same time, no keybinds at all. Even the Alt-F4 isn’t working.
I have installed obconf but the new left click menu doesn’t have the jgmenu search box (a classic OB menu instead).
I have edited rc.xml and put some of the standard OB keybinds (A-f4, A-f5, W-e…), but something doesn’t feel right about it. Does Mabox use other keybinds conf file?)
Those features were working perfectly before the upgrade.

And a really minor thing (I saw the same issue described in the Manjaro forum), the xfce power icon doesn’t follow the icon theme. No big deal at the moment.

Any advice? this is my second distrohop after using #! Statler (my first Linux system) and then BL. Not an IT, just a passionate user.

Thank you.

Hello @Rhuks
Thats very strange…

  1. Looks like you have completly different openbox rc.xml config file now.
    Any chance that you accidentally deleted / overwrited this file?

  2. Obconf - this package comes preinstalled in Mabox…

Can you try to revert back rc.xml?

cp /etc/skel/.config/openbox/rc.xml $HOME/.config/openbox/

And then reconfigure Openbox:

openbox --reconfigure
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Thank you @napcok.
Issue solved!

About your questions:

  1. The only change I did to rc.xml was a keybind. If there were an overwrite, It was during the upgrade. As I said, it was working great before that.

  2. My fault: the message said obconf-manager was missing. Once installed, the left-click OB menu appears, but as I described in my previous post.

After follow your instructions, now I have the greatness back…
Thank you very much.

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Update never touches files in your home directory, so it was definitely not a problem with update.
Probably file was removed by accident.
I tried to reproduce this, and it only happens when rc.xml is removed… menu complains about obmenu-generator then.

Anyway, glad it is solved :slight_smile: