[Stable Update] 2020-08-22 - Kernels, Deepin, KDE-git, Firefox, Pamac, Nvidia

Manjaro stable branch update 2020-08-22.

It has happened this “Dummy audio output” error to me after this update… it has happened 3 times after three starts or boots… weird… after shutting down my system it was working good again… repetitive dummy audio output situations.

Can any one report if this same situation of " dummy audio output" is also happening please ?

Everything works fine for me after update.
@ben_chile What kernel are you using?
Have you tried to install and run another one?

Hello there,

Well this is not happening all the time I start a new session, it does sometimes… and lately it is doing fine…no dummy audio output.
Yeah I will follow your advice and install 58…hahaha give it a try. Thanks.

I did not test 5.8 yet… still I have 5.4 LTS kernel and 5.7 only :slight_smile:

there seems to be working fine… I will let you know along this week if any changes


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I just wanted to report that Linux kernel 5.8 is apparently doing better in general, have not noticed any error or problem but on the contrary, mabox behaves improving better boot time, and openbox seems lighter managing and deploy… and the most outstanding noticed feature: improves power management offering a longer battery life in my case one extra hour (6 hours and 15 mins). Maybe my view is not a standard laptop user, for it is based on my 4 year old system Dell Inspiron 5459 (intel i5, 4GB RAM, 2.6MHZ, 4 core CPU). But I would recommend that you try kernel 5.8 for laptops or PCs with similar features.

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