[Solved] Reflector not in community repo

After noticing that yt-dlp is staying on 2023.01.06 while the Arch community repo seems to have 2023.03.04, I was wondering if my mirrors were out of date. After some research it seems that reflector is a very popular way of setting a good mirror, but it does not seem to be in my community repository at all:
error: target not found: reflector
Also yay doesn’t find reflector in any of the default repos.

I’m still very new to Mabox (or Arch), does Mabox use it’s own core / community / extra / multilib repositories or is something off in my setup?
(I remember once adding a mirror manually to /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist but my machine wanted to pull in a boatload of changes after that, so I reverted it back.)

I actually just found the “Mirror ranking” feature in the right sidebar, which changed the current mirror, which also doesn’t have reflector.

Manjaro is not just another one of many Arch based distros…
The differences are much bigger than the usual addition of an installer and a few packages to Arch.
Worth to read:
Manjaro:A Different Kind of Beast - Manjaro

Reflector is for Arch and Arch repositories - it is useless in Manjaro (and Mabox).

You can use pacman-mirrors utility.
Pacman-mirrors - Manjaro

You can see package versions in all Manjaro branches here:


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That I did not realize, thanks for the clarification! I’ve been browsing the wrong docs then for a while, this should point me in the right direction.