[Solved] Mounting usb e-book

Hello everyone.
Before I used Mabox I was running Bunsenlabs on my laptop and when I insert my e-book in one of my usb ports it pupped up in my file manager.
Now in Mabox it doesn’t.
Can somebody help me ficxing this problem?
Kind regards Dirk

Welcome to Mabox community.
Do other USB devices get auto-mounted?
In a fresh istall of Mabox Linux 23.12 Istredd, Kernel 6.6.8-2-MANJARO
file manager appears (after OK)
Calibre works fine with a Kindle. Once your cable is OK you may select from different
e-book readers during Calibre setup wizard.

I installed Calibre and yes it is connecting now.
Thanks so much.
Kind regards dirk

No worries. Just to focus the attention of others to unresolved problems could you insert [solved] into the beginning of the title.

In case the OP does not watch this thread, maybe an admin can help marking it as solved…

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Thanks, @napcok!