[solved] More than 1 monitor and auto-theming

Hi @napcok,

Mabox with two monitors. And the effect with auto-theming.

The situation.

  • Nitrogen creates a bg-saved.cfg.

  • When two monitors are used the following is my order in the bg-saved.cfg.

  • 2e monitor first.



The consequence is that when auto theming is on the second monitor is used for colorizing.
Especially conky and jgmenu is sometimes unfortunate because then it does not match the default background.

Therefore I have changed this rule so that it uses the default monitor.


`read WALLPATH<<< $(grep file "$HOME"/.config/nitrogen/bg-saved.cfg | cut -d'=' -f2 | head -n 2 | tail -n 1)`

I don’t know why Nitrogen puts the 2nd monitor in the bg-saved.cfg at the first place.

  • Arandr - switching display position has no effect.

The main thing is that I wanted to make this known to you.
For me not really an issue.

ps: mblogout is fast :slight_smile:


EDIT: colorizer.conf

I made a mistake.

The rule …

… helps to put the thumbnail of the first monitor in jgwallpaperchanger menu.
It seemed for a moment that the theming went along with it as well.

The theming is determined by the second monitor.

Can you please point me to the direction where the theming uses the bg-saved.cfg for theming.


# User wallpaper dir
  • This is my first display folder.

No hurry.



At first i was not sure. But it looks like you did it . . . :robot:

Theming is now from my first display.

I understand now (after looking at some colorizer files) you wouldn’t point me out. to deep.

Thanks for the quick fix…