[solved] Location of picom configuration

Hi Experts,

I try to change the default picom configuration … and I failed. In ./config the file picom.conf is a smbolic link to /dev/nul

Where is the config file located which I have to change to start Mabox permanently with a individual picom configuration?

Thank you in advance for your helg


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Hi @bernd and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Take a look at Main MenuMabox ConfigCompositor

This is a dynamic menu which lets you switch between different picom configs easily.
You can put your own configs into ~/.config/picom/configs

super + p is a shortcut to toggle compositor quickly.

By default in Mabox picom is running without config (picom.conf is symlinked to /dev/null), so it uses built-in values (well tested and should work everywhere).

It is worth trying the provided modern.conf file in which properties such as rounded corners and background blur are enabled.


hI @napcok, thank your for your fast and very helpful reply. I was so focused to solve this via terminal that I did not realize that the ui of mabox has the solution for me.

Thank you