[Solved] espanso - problems with German

I played a bit with espanso around and found out, that there seems to be a problem with the German localization.

When I tried “:pacu” - the result is not “sudo pacman -Syyu”. My terminal is showing “sudo pacman ßSzzu”. Any idea how to fix that?

No idea,
But check this → never ending story with unicodes (i. e. german umlaut) in thunderbird · Issue #1383 · espanso/espanso · GitHub

Also, Documentation might be helpfull Getting Started | Espanso

Mabox comes with Espanso 0.7.3 (Legacy)

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Perfect! :+1: :+1: :+1:This work. :sunglasses:

I installed “espanso install german-accents” and everything ist fine now.
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