[Solved] Clicksnap stil in rc.xml?

Hi all,

I just found that I still have clicksnap in my rc.xml
Furthermore, I do not have snapwin in it…

This is not what it should be as per Clicksnap - snap windows by Ctrl + Shift + click

This is /usr/share/mabox/common/rc.xml line 903

    <context name="Frame">
      <mousebind action="Press" button="C-Left">
        <action name="UnmaximizeFull"/>
        <action name="Execute">

clicksnap (I mean the command) does not exist though, snapwin does…

My system is up to date, but I just do not seem to have the latest rc.xml, or… ?

Hi @sng,
Please compare your rc.xml with the one currently shipped with latest Mabox:
(install meld first if you don’t have it installed).
mb-reset -c obrcxml

See: How to acces all new Mabox features? - Mabox Linux notes

I have already done a

mb-reset obrcxml

and stil have clicksnap but no snapwin.

As far as I understand, mb-reset copies /usr/share/mabox/common/rc.xml to ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml, right?
But it’s my /usr/share/mabox/common/rc.xml that’s not up to date, it seems…


yay -S mabox-i18n-files

fixed everything :slight_smile:

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