[SOLVED]Bluemail fails to start if system language is not US English

AUR and snap variants of
is sensible to system language. Runs on English but not on Italian (as an example)
Any ideas?

yay -S bluemail
bluemail --in-process-gpu

and then the apllication is partially frozen.

Hi zolw. How doi you know this is a language problem? I looked up the cmdline you provide (bluemail --in-process-gpu) and see lot’s of problems with this switch. Do you need this specifically?
If you run the command without the switch, what happens than?

Did you read comments on AUR website?
AUR (en) - bluemail

Hi @bootz and Daniel
env LANGUAGE='en_US' /usr/bin/bluemail --in-process-gpu &
Inserting this starting line into into .config/openbox/autostart seems to solve my problem.
Try it without ‘–in-process-gpu’ If it starts/works you have a different environment.

Now I have. I will try that bluemail.sh as well. But meanwhile something ‘+’ has happend. Thanks a lot.