Show your desktop - September 2020

Testing upcoming next Mabox release in Spanish :slight_smile:

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it is looking amazing, mate. I was watching a latest review of Bunsen Labs’ Openbox version and some users keep mentioning Maxboxlinux as an outstanding option for Bunsen Labs in their comments. ( )

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Una captura de pantalla más :slight_smile:

Right now ? :wink:

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This second one looks thrilling! Amazing wallpaper with transparent background.

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U mnie jakoś to inaczej wygląda menu otwieranym na pulpicie i na prawym pasku. Na pulpicie pod menu w zasadzie mam tylko czcionkę do wyboru, a na prawym pasku są pozostałe podmenu. Jest jakiś sposób zmiany?


Musisz przekopiować nowe pliki konfiguracyjne dla menu:

cp /usr/share/mabox/lang/pl/.config/mabox/settings* ~/.config/mabox/
cp /usr/share/mabox/lang/pl/.config/jgmenu/prepend.csv ~/.config/jgmenu/

Super, działa.

I added some pie for Mabox menu… hahahaha having fun, you can install latest gnome-pie package ( will add 3 dependency pacakes) from add/remove software application. And then to check and get your favorite settings for pie, make it run from Menu>Applications>Accesories>Gnome-pie or from terminal…and you should see gnome-pie’s icon in the icon panel area…click right-mouse button and pick preferences to set it at your own taste. Pick apps for your main gnome pie menu ( press keybinds CTRL+ALT+SpaceBar and you could see it on your screen working). Check this video I picked funky themes in gnome pie settings… and still playing with pie.

CyberPunk_Neon slightly changed :smiley: