Show your desktop - March 2023

Generally going between these two.



Stalonetray, Plank (no Tint2 nor Conky) & JGMenu without Icons...better....

I am ripping animation and scifi art shorts for mb-dwall wallpapers (styles).

ffmpeg mp4/mkv/webm to png.

Then there is folder with lots of pngs.
From there I select the right png’s (24 pieces max). Looking at color and light.
With this selection I take into account the light of the day. (That is the starting point)

With the yad dropdown script I have an overview of which styles are selected for which day,
and can test them.
The second monitor takes the style of the previous day.

I am fascinated by animations, sequence of images, telling a story.
A plan is to find an animation / short that I can spread out over a week. So that during the week it’s taken along in a kind of comic strip.
The second monitor can show extra images of that story. When it is connected.

WHY ? Because doing this, i am learning the fantastic distro @napcok created.
Not to make it better, but because Mabox system asks for it. To learn and explore …



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