Settings menu (Super+S) and other cosmetic menu issues in latest update


After the latest menu updates the settings menu looks a bit strange. I could not make a screenshot because of the menu displayed so I took a picture with my phone, hence the poor quality.

You can see there is a lot of free space on top of the menu.

Additional, on the left menu (CTRL+Tab), the music folder is not expanded properly (I can only see a part of the intended menu text and on the EXIT menu the space between the headerlabel (EXIT) and the top is filled with (what I believe) a 3d Mabox logo and a partial screenshot? Not the sample picture of the desktop like before, it’s really ugly!



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Hi @bootz thanks for report.
I’m working on fix for menu glitches now.

As a workaround can you set Menu/Sidepanels Padding to sometning bigger than 0?

You can make screenshot of menu/panels with PrtScr and then selecting Full Screen -> in 10 seconds

Fix for menu glitches is already pushed to repository (mb-jgtools-20201015-2).

@bootz I sent you a private message about listing the Music directory. I need more information about this issue.


Thanks for mabox, it’s very cool.
I have a cosmetic problem since the last update,
like Bootz the music folder is not expanded properly and it’s the same with
the documents folder.Mabox_2021-01-16-14:49:1610804987


Hi @caram
Welcome to forum :slight_smile:
I’m working to fix that.
Can you please check if there is file with & or < characters in the name inside that directory?

ls ~/Documents/ | grep -E "&|<"

Yes there is file with & characters.
I remove it and write “and” instead and no more cosmetic problems.

Seems to be fixed in latest update! Thanks!