Set default size of applications

I’d like the browser to open in full size when launching it,
how can i achieve that?
and on the same note,have the terminal be a little bigger when it opens.

From what I have noticed, at least chromium and firefox web browsers start in the position and size they were last closed.

In addition, for each application you can define a lot of settings in the Openbox configuration file ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml

See documentation: Help:Applications - Openbox

If editing config file is not comfortable for you, install and use a GUI for that: obapps or obapps3 .

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i found a very good explanation for my specific question(that i somehow missed before posting).

it’s kind of simple,but there are a few variables to be aware of; like when to use class or role or name and should i put “Firefox” or “browser” like i did in this case etc.
now I’ll have to figure out how to set the default size of certain other apps.