Screen resolution 1920x1080 (16:9) absent from latest release

Hi everyone,
The screen resolution 1920x1080 is absent from the latest release of Mabox Linux XL.
Not only that, but it comes back to 800x600 at each reboot ! A major bug…

I tried to xandr --newmode and --addmode, plus, nano .profile, but to no avail. It works fine when the session is live but it disappears at next reboot (and comes back to 800x600 moreover, when I had set it to 1920x1200 first, then 1920x1080 after some tweaking).

Can someone come to my rescue, please. Thanks in advance.

Hello @xuartema
Are you sure you are using Mabox Linux?
Our latest release is called 22.12 Istredd.
There is no something like Mabox Linux XL

Yes, you are right, I confused with ArcoLinuxL (that I was just installing in a VM), sorry.

In fact, I downloaded and installed mabox-linux-22.12-Istredd-221230-linux54.iso in a VM, then noticed the 1920x1080 (16:9) resolution was missing. I did all the necessary (that I found in a Youtube video) and it works now fine, that is, it keeps the 1920:1080 res upon reboot. I just forgot to edit the Autostart file that one finds in Main Menu > Mabox Config.

Please, tell the devs they must add this res in the next release, tx.

Mabox is a GREAT distro, that I enjoy very much, esp. on an older machine. It’s light and fast. Much appreciated. Keep up the good work !

I never have to adjust resolution when installed Mabox on real hardware.
For VM install you can easily setup needed resolution in many ways.
Using lxrandr, arandr or just by editing openbox autostart script (there are even examples in this file).

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Yep, I just forgot to edit the Autostart file that one finds in Main Menu > Mabox Config. And yes too, I used xrandr (in the Terminal). I also updated the kernel: it was the Linux 5.4 and now I’ve the latest, the Linux 6.1.1-1-Manjaro. I don’t know if THIS had an impact but it works just fine now, thanks. Case closed.

Followed the tips of this video: How to set Custom Screen Resolution in Linux | 1920*1080 | LinuxTerminal - YouTube

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