Screen lock/screensaver

Just finished installing last night. Love it! Most other arch-based distros I’ve tried do not have the config gui I would like for my aesthetics preferences or they add waaaaay too much software. This one has found the right balance and maintains a light footprint.

With that said, there’s only one thing that stops my install from being perfect. The lock screen. I’ve used the nordic theme throughout with supplied tools. I do not like the effect that just blurs the existing contents of the screen while locked. Not very privacy oriented. It’s still easy to tell what is on the screen (unless you’re trying to read typed text).

Is there a (fairly easy) way to make the screen blank and only offer the option to type in the password to see anything but that blank screen (or even stay on the original login screen until the password is entered)? I did search the forum here. If the answer is here, I may have not used the correct terms.

Thank you for any info you can provide to guide me in the right direction.


Hello @matlewis and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
There is a little ScreenLocker helper - not perfect but it works.
Try it by shortcut super + alt + l
or from LeftSidepanel → ScreenLocker

Hit “Cache current wallpaper for ScreenLock” first, then play with various effects.

Pixel effect:

Blur effect:

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Awesome! Works great! Thank you.

(Yeah I do feel kinda silly after seeing the “Screenlocker” entry in the left-side menu).