Screen dimed while option disabled

HI Team,

Have a problem with my power management preferences. Even if I have option to not dim, my screen dimmed after some time (10 minutes or so). Any idea where to find more options or solutions?

Look at xset command.

xset q

will show current settings. Look at DPMS.

Seems enabled as per below. So now, how to disable this? somewhere in xorg?


See the xset manual:

man xset

What do you want to achieve?

To disable screensaver:

xset s noblank;xset s 0 0;xset s off

To turn off DPMS:

xset -dpms

Experiment with it a little bit :slight_smile:
Then when you happy with settings you may add them to ~/.config/openbox/autostart

Thank you. I’ve added to my autostart config.