Root password suddenly incorrect? (Solved.)

Everything was working well (over a year), then suddenly today I tried to do something which required root, but it said the password was incorrect. What? I must have typed it wrong. Try again, same thing. Caps lock? No…

So I checked .bash_history and there’s nothing in there about me changing any password. Without root access, cannot access places like /var/log/audit. Could this be from say, a new hashing algorithm being installed, or certain passwords being blocked? This PC is at work, sits unlocked often, and plays music (thanks pyradio!) We don’t mess around with other people’s PCs and I let others use it whenever needed. Doubt anyone else here even knows enough about Linux to change the root password. It is unlocked for now, but I’m hesitant to reboot in case that totally locks me out. Started a ClamTK scan but highly doubt it was “hacked.”

Any thoughts on what happened or things I can try? If I’m really locked out, will this require a utility like Tom’s Root Boot? Thank you.

Rebooted and everything is fine.

Actually discovered this after logging out and logging back in. May have had something to do with a NoMachine update.

Thank gosh… just had built a Tom’s Root Boot USB and was about to reset things “the hard way.”

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