Restore wallpaper problem - nitrogen

There’s a problem i encounter with actual Mabox. The user wallpaper i chosse with Nitrogen is regulary overwritten by the login wallpaper. By example : i open Nitrogen and choose a wallpaper. Wallpaper is set. I reboot. Wallpaper is stil set. And afeter another reboot (or more…), user wallpaper is changed and in place i have the login wallapaper (the one which is choose for the ligthdm login screen)… I reset the wallapaper with Nitrogen and it’s the same again : wallapaper is okay for 1, 2 or 3 boot, and after it changes.

The only solution i found is to disable the nitrogen entry in the autostart configuration file and replace it with feh. And with feh it works well…

Strange, I have never seen this on any of my Mabox installations.

Do you have autologin enabled?

In autostart file I have:

## Background
(sleep 1s && nitrogen --restore) &

Looks like it does not run for you sometimes…
Did you try to run run it from terminal then?

nitrogen --restore

Increasing sleep to 2s may help also.

Nitrogen writes wallpaper to ~/.config/nitrogen/bg-saved.cfg.
And this wallpaper should be restored with nitrogen --restore.

Autologin is not enabled. I have the same command in autostart file. I just have cmmented it to let the place for the feh command. I’m gonna try to increase the sleep command and do some reboot to see if something changes.

The change from 1s to 2s in the sleep command seems to have made it. It works now.
I don’t know why…
I’m surprised that nobody else mentions this problem. I have made different Mabox Installations, on 2 different hardware setup. And on my main machine i’ve installed Mabox different times. With different filesystems. Different aditionnal apps. And the problem was still there. Only the change of timing in the sleep command seems to have resolve it…