[REPO] Two new packages: sxcs and darkcold-gtk-theme

Two new packages landed in Mabox repo today.

sxcs - Simple X Color Sniper

Minimal X11 Color Picker and Magnifier.
Nice one, maybe it will be useful as color picker in Colorizer and Colormenu.

Project: NRK/sxcs: Minimal X11 Color Picker and Magnifier - sxcs - Codeberg.org
More info:

man sxcs


If you are sometimes bored with flat design, which has been around for 20 years. It is worth a try :slight_smile:
It looks good in the company of the Artwiz-Boxed Openbox window decoration.

While playing with this theme, I realized that Colorizer really needed two new features:

  • color detection from the currently set GTK theme, and the ability to use them easily
  • β€œpinning” your own polished color configuration (not the automatically generated one) to a specific wallpaper. Saving such a set in order to be able to restore it later.