Replace mate-power-manager with xfce4-power-manager

Seems like mate-power-manager does not work very well in Mabox.
So, it will be replaced with xfce4-power-manager in future releases.

If you like to switch to xfce4-power-manager now…

1. Remove mate-power-manager

yay -R mate-power-manager

# Also remove it from autostart:
rm ~/.config/autostart/mate-power-manager.desktop

2. Install xfce4-power-manager

yay -S xfce4-power-manager

And to be able to disable/enable it with Mabox GUI autostart editor:

cp /etc/xdg/autostart/xfce4-power-manager.desktop ~/.config/autostart/

Also please replace it in Settings Menu super + s

sd mate-power-preferences xfce4-power-manager-settings ~/.config/mabox/settings.csv