Remove Mabox desktop watermark?


I am new to Mabox and enjoying it so far, seems to be a keeper. I did a bunch of searching but haven’t found anything yet to help. How do I go about removing the Mabox watermark in the bottom right corner of the desktop? I see some screenshots without it and looking at the background folder I can see it’s not in the png files.

Thanks in advance for helping out me out with noob question :slight_smile:


It’s Conky.
You can use “Conky chooser GUI Script”. Go to Main menu (right click on desktop) -> Settings -> Conkies -> Choose Conky.
And uncheck MB-text.conkyrc.

Outstanding, thank you! I knew it was something simple but just wasn’t searching the right terms. I need to play around with conky and tint2 a bit more to learn it’s settings and getting it looking just right :+1:

Maybe this will interest you …
Mabox has a cool theme changer and several predefined themes that you can easily switch between and save your own configurations.
More about that here ->

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Thanks. I have been messing around with the settings for all the appearance options a fair bit. The mouseover tool tips were driving me nuts and found the option to turn them off for tint2 but for the life of me, I can’t find the option to turn them off the left and right side panel arrow icons; and the M logo.


You can play with current tint2 config by Settings Menu super + s -> Tint2 panels -> Configure…
Probably removing tooltips from 3 buttons is what you need.

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That was it, thanks!! I missed it when going through the options before.