Region screen capture messages

When using A-Print (bound to another key on my iMac keyboard) I can perfectly select a screen region to capture. After letting go of the mouse key I get two messages on screen. The first one about selecting an area, the second one that screenshot was saved. I would expect the first one immediate after pressing A-Print and not after I selected an area saved it… :slight_smile:



I can confirm this behaviour, That’s strange as I’m 100% sure it worked as it should before :slight_smile:
I have to look at this.
Thanks for report.

One more thing on this. When freshly installed, the first time is works like it should, from the second time up it’s forgetting to display the message during selection.

Should be fixed with mabox-tools 20201124 update.

confirmed, just upgraded

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Just seen this: When starting region printscreen selection the correct message is shown but if ESC is pressed to abort the region printscreen the message stays on the screen until clicked on (or when starting for example a full screenprint).