Re-arranging linux system partition

I have a ( foolhardy ) plan to re arrange my linux system partition. Something bigger and encrypted.
Before I mess everything up, I reach out to more experts.
If I have a booting encrypted partition with good size, can I boot with live stick and mount the encrypted partition with:
cryptsetup open /dev/sda# newcrypt
Then I mount my latest unencrypted smaller linux partition.
In the encrypted partition I would delete everything except /boot and copy all files from the latest partition except /boot.
Will that create a bootable encrypted partition of my latest system?
In Windows this would not work, since sector positions of files are important - same here?
Any thoughts welcome!
Best Regards, Andreas

I have already done that. But don’t forget that the uuid of your partition will change, that grub or systemd-boot parameters will have to be modified, adjust /etc/cryptab, fstab …
Have fun :+1:t2::grin:

rsync would be the tool to use to copy correctly symlinks and devices have a look at this article : Arch restore root