Rc.xml keybind changes, snapwin renamed to superclick

In preparation for the next major release of Mabox - Jaskier, there have been some changes to the default openbox configuration file rc.xml. They concern keyboard shortcuts.

You can preview the changes and if you want to make them yourself using the command:

mb-reset -c obcxml

The command will launch the meld program, allowing you to apply changes to your own configuration.

Snapwin improved and renamed to superclick


  • now works with keyboard shortcuts super + KP_1…9 (change position first, next change size)
  • works on dualmonitor setups (monitors should be top aligned)

Other keybind changes

Super + Shift + Arrows - DirectionalCycleWindows
Super + m - mb-music menu
Super + LeftMouseClick (on Conky) - make all Conkies moveable. Place your Conky as you like, then save new positions.

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