Py radio & Main menu


Is it possible to integrated Py Radio on Main Menu ?! Guillaume

What do you mean?
You can add any command to mainmenu (also true for sidepanels).
Just go to Mabox Control Center → Menu and sidepanels → Edit main menu

The Line to launch PyRadio may look like:

PyRadio,sakura -T "PyRadio" -e "pyradio -p",radio
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The main menu is the little menu to obtain with Super

I placed a launcher in main menu with this script:
PyRadio Internet Radio Player,exo-open --launch PyRadio,sakura -T “PyRadio” -e “pyradio -p”,radio

But with not result for the moment !

Line you placed is wrong. Syntax is: Label,command,icon

  1. Check if you have sakura installed, if not install it.
  2. Add line to menu - the one I wrote.

I’am Sakura: I try with this line:
sakura -T “PyRadio” -e “pyradio -p”,radio

I begin the code, that is why I’am meet a difficult

Now, the radio is working. I tried adding this line:

Webmail,exo-open --launch Webmail,thunderbird

but it doesn’t work, what’s missing for it to work, please ?!

This part is nonsense - non existing command, just replace it with real, existing command you want to run.

I’am good understand! I search but I not find the good command. What is a correct command to use, please ?!

You asking on forum what is good command to run, but you did not wrote what program you want to run?
This looks like trolling…

I assume you want pyradio, so here:

@Guillaume your behavior look definitely like trolling to me. Try to be more serious. If not, then… feel to be warned – if you don’t change behavior sooner or later you will be kicked out of this forum.

Sorry, I speak of Thunderbird

Like i wrote earlier syntax is:


Three fields divided by commas.

So for Thunderbird the line will be for example:

Email Reader,thunderbird,thunderbird

You can change label (first field) to what you like.

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Merci! Je n’avais pas penser à ce label.