Problems with xdg-desktop-portal-gnome II

After removing xdg-desktop-portal-gnome the performance problem was solved but new bugs appeared, I guess due to not having this package.

And what is the problem?
Something doesn’t work?
Or you just don’t like messages related to qt?

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It is not a question of whether I like the messages or not, I get the impression that these errors are linked to display issues, for example my taskbar became transparent, I do not see the minimize icon in the Telegram window which I can solve with keyboard shortcuts, I’m still learning and as I’m not an expert the error messages put me on alert :person_shrugging:t6:

Telegram is one example of programs which forces own window decorations by default. (IMHO idiotic “feature”)
But you can switch it to use normal (system one) window decorations. Look at Settings → Advanced and check Use system window frame

I don’t understand what it means

Maybe image could help…


Jajaja, yes, thanks. :+1: