Problem with Terminator

Hello fellow Maboxers :wink: !

I try to make a command to launch a weather repport in terminator.

My command is : ‘terminator --geometry=1030X740 -x curl’

But terminator opens and quit immediately…

If a try another command like ‘terminator --geometry=1030X740 -x htop’, all is well, it launches htop in terminator with the good hgeometry and stays open. But if i launch it with my ‘curl’ command, it starts and quits… :sleepy:

Hi @Fall66 :slight_smile:

I use something like:

terminator -T "Prognoza Pogody" --geometry=1134x768 -x curl;read

So you may try to add


to your command/alias.
Then terminator should stay visible, any key will close it.

Please also look into Terminator preferences ( Right click -> Preferences )

“When command exits: Hold the terminal open” may be what you looking for :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answer.

But it do not works for me.

    • ‘terminator --geometry=1030X740 -x curl;’ (with or without ‘read’) does not chnage anything and Terminator continue to launch and quit immediately ;
  1. Changing the Terminator preferences seems not a good solution because if Terminator do not quit, it’s no more possible to close the terminal with one command, and this modification apply to all other terminator instances so all the terminals stay opened…

Strange that first solution does not work for you.

You can still create new terminator profile only for that weather command…
and then run terminator with that profile only for that command, like:

terminator -p profilename --geometry=1030X740 -x curl
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I had created a ‘Weather’ profile and now it works. The only problem i see now is that i cannot close the terminal qith a command, i must use the close widget of the window to do it. I’ve put this little script in the custom commands of the Left Pannel.

I use my first command as button from gkrellm.
Now I tested it from left sidepanel but unfortunately it not works the same from here. Don’t know why.

I played a little bit and seems this will work from sidepanel…

<b>Weather</b>,terminator --geometry=1030x740 -x "curl; read"

You can close window by Ctrl + c or Alt + F4

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It’s gooooooood ! :rofl:

It was only the " before and after “curl” who was missing ! Poor me…

In fact, there is still a strange behavior … If i launch this command from the panel without had launch before any instance of terminator, it closes immediately. If i launch the same command from the panel AFTER had launch at least one time Terminator (for anything else), it works…

Very very strange.

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Wow, this is very strange behaviour.

Additionally, soon we can expect a new version of Terminator 2.0.1 - build against Python 3.9 - with known new bugs :frowning:

I’m working on patches for 2.0.1 upcoming version.

Lets try that… -x replaced by -e

<b>Weather</b>,terminator --geometry=1030x740 -e "curl; read"
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Yes. It’s good now. It launches without quitting and can be closed with ‘alt+F4’

Thanks !

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Glad we nailed it down :slight_smile:

And big thanks to you @Fall66 for all your bugreports and help here in forum.

This will help to make next Mabox release a little bit more polished :wink:

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It’s a pleasure to help. I like the distributions with a real identity and originality, and MaboxLinux is clearly one of them.