Problem with PC and network manager - not fully turn off/reboot

I have problem with hangs and freeze of network manager and my PC don’t reboot/turn off properly. I have Minisforum UM773Lite (here’s full specs: Minisforum)
This is start after system latest update.
It’s very anoying. I tested 2 kernels - official 6.6.5-1 and xanmod stable latest.
Nothing helps.
My PC simply reboot and turn off not fully (everything is turn off but PC switch on/off is on and lights up) like it cannot fully turn off or reboot. I must cut the power source to start PC over again. I think it’s connected to network manager because it also cannot be fully restart/turn off (systemd service). I use WiFi network. When I try to restart or turn off network manager it’s freeze/hangs my PC.
Everything before latest system update works very good.
I have no idea why it is like that. Any help please!

Several users are reporting the same problem after the last update.

Try installing a different kernel from Manjaro - apparently the experimental 6.7 rc4 helped someone.

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Thank You @napcok for quick help reply.
I change my internet connection from WiFi to wired cable and problem is solved for now. My PC is rebooting and power off normal like before. No hangs/freezing of network manager. No kernel change needed. Everything is OK. I forgot how WiFi can be tricky in linux. Thanks again.

Installing the experimental 6.7 kernel worked to resolve the same issues for me on my mid 2011 MacBook Air.

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This should be fixed with today kernels update - series 6.1.and 6.6.

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