Problem with compositor

Hi, the community ! This morning i want to use the hot corners and i modify the compositor. Now, i’am lost my screen. How to do recover my screen for find my working ? Thanks for your help. Guillaume

You can toggle compositor by super + p

I don’t understand. What this mean? Openbox doesn’t start?

How do you did that? Maybe revert back your changes.

Hello, Napcok
And thanks for rapide answers

Openbox to starting good but the screen it’s silver.

I use the link Windows+P after a new starting and now my computer is good.

Thanks for your help.

Hello, Napcok

I have the same problem today: I have a screen and I reboot for the updates to take place.

Now, i cannot undo the setting when changing composer.

How to find a solution to have a functional PC during longtime ?

I’m thinking to install a new, what do you think ?! Guillaume.

I have no idea, this is your system (not mine) and you are in the charge (not me) :slight_smile:

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Ok, i see this and i try to find a solution. Thanks.

Hello, Napcok!
I cancelled m’y old rules and now, my computer is good. Guillaume.