Preferred apps twice?


In apps inside pcmanfm I see the preferred applications shortcut twice

When started I can see they differ and was wondering if this could be my problem with hexchat not wanting to open my preferred browser?
When started the apps that are started differ (one has two TABS) and when setting the browser in one it isn’t reflected in the other…
What could I do to have this resolved?

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See what applications are hidden under these icons.
Currently, Mabox uses exo-preferred-applications to set its preferred applications, and only this program is installed by default.
Hexchat does not respect these settings, so the following commands should be used for it:

gio mime x-scheme-handler/http
gio mime x-scheme-handler/https 

The second item in the box in the screenshot points towards ~/.local/shared/applications/libfm-pref-apps.desktop, executing “libfm-pref-apps”. In the ‘onlyshowIn’ filed in the desktop file it’s told only to show-up on lxde so that’s not a problem (only shown when browsing the filesystem).

I will try the gio commands then, thanks!

I found a setting under the preferences main menu (not in preferences itself).


I removed Firefox %U from that and now it still opens Firefox which is my preferred browser at the moment. Fixed I think…