Powermanagement - lock screen when system is going to sleep [SOLVED]


I have some issues with power management. The one I’m keen of having resolved is that when I suspend or hibernate the system will lock and ask for a password while resuming.
I already set the option “lock screen when system is going to sleep” but that seem to do anything.
Any suggestions where to look?

Mabox uses betterlockscreen.
I dig a little bit about this…
Seems like you need to enable systemd service for that:

systemctl enable betterlockscreen@$USER

Found at: GitHub - betterlockscreen/betterlockscreen: 🍀 sweet looking lockscreen for linux system
I tested it in VirtualBox and it worked :slight_smile:

Topic title edited for easier searching.

Wow, you never fail to amaze me! Works like a charm, thanks!