Plans for Openbox

Up until the release of 21.06, I ABSOLUTELY love the hard work that’s been put into creating this distro. It’s refined, polished and powerful. I, however, do have a concern about the window grid function that is being implemented, in that, it is my fear that Openbox might be turned into a tiling window manager. As a user of Openbox for MANY years, I found the stacking window function more to my liking than the tiling options like i3 or bspwm. If it is planned that this tiling function ( I do see the value of it) be permanent, please give us old-timers the option to disable or remove the packages so the original purpose of Openbox as a stacking window manager is maintained.

Again, my hat is off to you for creating a computing environment that I feel extremely comfortable in, but please consider what old farts like me found in using Openbox-- unrestricted freedom.




Hello @MR_E,
DesktopGrid concept is not meant to replace anything in the greatest Openbox window manager :slight_smile:
This is actually a little script (or two) that adds some - completely optional - possibilities.
DesktopGrid is not Openbox specific and should run on any X11 based environment.
I think we have very similar opinions on Openbox and tiling managers.
I just share addons, scripts that I created while working in Openbox with the community.
So Mabox will always be based on Openbox. ( I’m thinking about second Mabox: LXDE version - if I’ll have some spare time… but its still Openbox)


Very cool, as I used to say when I was in my 20’s many centuries ago. :crazy_face:

Please, please PLEASE, keep up the great work. You’ve made a fan here.

As always, respectfully,


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