Places menu not translated in my language

The menu stays in english even if I use another language.

I have found the config file for the “places menu” : its ~/.config/mabox/places.csv

Here is a “French” translation that I made for myself :

bt@madbox ~/.config/mabox $ cat places.csv
Root (<b>/</b>),^pipe(jgbrowser /),folder
Home (<b>~</b>),^pipe(jgbrowser),folder-home
Téléchargements,^pipe(jgbrowser ~/Téléchargements),folder-download
Documents,^pipe(jgbrowser ~/Documents),folder-documents
Musique,^pipe(jgbrowser ~/Musique),folder-music
Images,^pipe(jgbrowser ~/Images),folder-pictures
Vidéos,^pipe(jgbrowser ~/Vidéos),folder-video
~/.config,^pipe(jgbrowser ~/.config),folder
bt@madbox ~/.config/mabox $

It would be great that it is automaticaly translate at installation when choosing language.

I appreciate Mabox, it’s a great work and I like it. :+1: