Pkgname change: pyradio-git -> pyradio

Please replace pyradio-git package by pyradio:

yay pyradio

New pyradio version is and it have preview of Radio Browser feature

Implemented the so called “Listening” mode, in which PyRadio TUI
can be reduced down to a single line (the “Status Bar”). Requested
for tilling WM use (#128)
While working on Radio Browser support, I got this BUG report,
which leaded to this release. That means that you can get a glimpse
of the upcoming Radio Browser layout (just press O at the
main window - return to playlist by pressing “\\”) .

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Thats a double backaslash ("\\") not a single one…
(Markdown converts double backaslash to single)

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I made an update to the new version but it doesn’t work from the left panel (it works in the terminal).

Good catch @Petrinax :slight_smile:
Looks like updated sakura terminal no longer recognize - T (title) option.

<b>PyRadio</b> - <i>Internet Radio Player</i>,sakura -T "PyRadio" -e "pyradio -p"
<b>PyRadio</b> - <i>Internet Radio Player</i>,sakura  -e "pyradio -p"

in ~/.config/mabox/places-append.csv

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@napcok Thank you, it works :slight_smile:

The following command also stopped working for me
sakura -T "PyRadio" -e "pyradio -p"
I converted it to
and it also works nicely.


You can even make it:

^term(pyradio -p)

to restore @napcok’s original behaviour :wink:

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-p is not needed :wink:

I start with number 11, which is “złote przeboje”


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