Pin to taskbar

I only installed yesterday mabox linux for the first for example I want to pin to the top taskbar chromium how do I that ? becuase now everytime I click with my right mouse it closes

Right click on taskbar is binded to Close action by default. This is configurable in tint2.

What do you mean by pin to taskbar?

Maybe add launcher to the panel is what you want?

Like in windows that you pin to the taskbar what ever you want on the bottom of the desktop page

Sorry no idea how Windows works. Didn’t use it since 1999.

yes but I tried by following the video tint 2 by adding lauchers I choose chromium geany but they were not added to the taskbar on the top

So you probably use one of other tint2 configs - there are many shipped with Mabox - some of them does not have launcher visible. Switch to default (it is named mabox2111.tint2rc). Or try to configure tint2 you use by yourself.

By the way…
What about running applications from keyboard shortcuts…
Text Editor (Geany) is binded to Super + e
Web Browser (Firefox by default) to Super + w
You can change Webbrowser to Chromium easily see…

how do you get to properties ? after prefered application

Main menu super → Mabox Config → Preferred Applications

or Super + s to go directly to settings menu.

I think it is good idea to explore mainmenu and Mabox Config submenu, also tint2 panel (usually icons have useful hints - what is available on left click and somethimes also right and middle click)

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yes but how do you to properties I apoligize if dont know how to use mabox only installed yesterday

It is shown on screenshot in manual article…

Super +s or right click on the Menu/Mabox icon → Tint2-panel → Configure (GUI) …

@Batmanx welcome to Mabox :slight_smile:

Here in Mabox you can start with some basic personalisation by going to Mabox Config>
Gui for preferences is called> Mabox Control Center OR you can navigate in the previous Menu and see the same configurations like in the preferences.

Like @napcok sad, try to play with it and to get a feeling of the system. Even if you break the system ,you put again USB and start from scratch :wink:

As every linux distro is very different from windows os. Best advise is starting from scratch and understand how any Linux os will work. For beginners open box can be complicated , this is why I can suggest you to try Manjaro xfce or Linux lite, ( same desktop xfce )
As always try as many distro’s as you can. :star_struck: