Pamixer does not change the system volume


I have noticed that on a fresh Mabox install pamixer does not change the default device volume level.

I have tried to do it with keyboard shortcut and also via terminal with pamixer -i [digit]. I have checked whether the default source and sink are properly set, and it is ok. Pamixer just does nothing with the volume (increase, decrease and muting does not work).

Pavucontrol does not have any problem in changing volume levels.

My laptop is HP Elitebook 850

Thanks for help in advance!

Thanks for reporting this.

Checked on fresh install… and it works for me… but changes not shown in tint2 panel executor.

Can you check again if this is also case for you?

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Hi @napcok

yes, it is also an issue for me. What is interesting, tint2 panel executor refreshes after clucking (muting) it.

It would be good, if the volume changes would be reported same way as change in screen brightness is (bottom middle of the screen pop-up), then it leaves no doubts about actual change.

Thanks for your help!

I uploaded fixed tint2 configs to the repo.
So please update your system. Open terminal and run:


Then to get fixed tint2 configs to your home directory:

mb-reset tint2


you’re fast!

Now it works like a charm! Thanks for it @napcok!

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