Pablokal from the Netherlands

Hi folks, I have been a longtime user of linux and from te start I discovered openbox to be my fav environment. Simple, clear, configurable. Been longtime involved with the Archbang project with the sympathetic Mr Green. Started a blog Stillstup(id) for dummies like myself.
After running my desktop for nearly 10 years it died yesterday and I need to get my hands dirty on for me new technology.
Since a few years I’m struggling with declining eyesight (macula degeneration) and especially digits ar a crime for me. So it just has to work. Mabox directly gave me the asscociation with Madbox, a beuatifully configured Debian openbox distro, by a great developer of
for instance Adeksbar. Anyway hope you can help an old veteran like me in difficult times.


You are very welcome!

I send you a big hug for resisting and trying to overcome your struggling!
I also love Openbox and Mabox!

Welcome to the forum!

Thanks, folks!