Option to disable gnome-keyring permanently

I would like an option in Mabox Control Center to disable gnome-keyring-daemon permanently in future releases. It is a nuisance in my opinion. There is a few commands that removes this but a tick would be so much nicer :slight_smile:


Have you tried here?

yup. Doesnt work. Next reboot its running and you will have issues with entering passwords in for instance pamac.

This what i do to get rid of it for good:

remove execute permission from /usr/bin/gnome-keyring-3
remove executepermission from /usr/bin/gnome-keyring-daemon

comment out the pam_gnome_keyring.so entries in the
/etc/pam.d files:

/etc/pam.d/common-password: #password optional pam_gnome_keyring.so
/etc/pam.d/lightdm: #auth optional pam_gnome_keyring.so
/etc/pam.d/lightdm-autologin: #session optional pam_gnome_keyring.so auto_start
/etc/pam.d/gnome-screensaver: #auth optional pam_gnome_keyring.so

If you dont have common-password and gnome-screensaver no worries. It will work :slight_smile:

Comment out the “Exec” line in

This way you can enter passwords as normal in for instance pamac :slight_smile: