Openbox Distros With The Wow Factor - Manjaro and Mabox

OldTechBloke has prepared an interesting review about Manjaro Community Openbox and Mabox :slight_smile:


This is the video where I learned about Mabox. I watched it yesterday and was very impressed. Openbox seems not the easiest to theme well and when I saw it was inspired by Crunchbang I knew I wanted to try it. I used Crunchbang off and on when it was an active project and liked it very much. I was running it on a very low spec Dell laptop (2gb ram max with Pentium M CPU) and even with those specs it worked great. All of this shows Crunchbang had some nice ideas and I’m glad people are keeping them alive for all of us to use and enjoy. I would say Mabox is the finest example of these ideas that I have seen.

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As a suscriber of OTB, MaboxLinux impressed me so much, and well I decided to give some of sdd corner, and so far it is running awesome in my daily laptop system… I am recommending it in our local FB fan page and forum in Chile. Thanks, guys you are doing an amazing job!


Check this:

The problem with all those openboxers is monitor detection. Set arandr and reset every reboot.It’s an unneeded problem that should have been pre coded/scripted on openbox years ago.It should have auto-save upon startup for the user…yeah. I know how to add it to all the .bs configs but it’s annoying. It’ll make a new user walk and I dont blame them one bit

Personally, I have never had a resolution problem when installed on a physical PC or laptop.
Sometimes I have to use arandr when testing in VirtualBox.

Resolution is detected by the X Server, not the window manager.

My story is much like your’s, actually you inspired me to sign up here at this forum.
I used #! too :slight_smile:


Very welcome… I am sure you will have big fun using Maxbox and sharing experiences in here.