Open source native games

Hi guys I found this some time ago on GitHub

Personally I love this games >
Shattered pixel dragon
Super tux 2
Unknown horizons
Urban terror-

And you ?
Any good suggestion?


Battle for Wesnoth is my favorite game, I have been playing it for several years, usually when I notice that there is a new version. Turn-based strategy in a fantasy world, it’s about building a strong army. Healing units and control over villages are important.


Really great game Unvanquished

is a free and open-source video game. It is a multiplayer first-person shooter and real-time strategy game where Humans and Aliens fight for domination.
You can be Human or Alien :alien: with different features and weapons.

Check the link

DT also tried the game was fun :laughing:

You can install it from ARU Repository
Have a blast with playing it !:star_struck:

The Dark Mod - First person stealth game.

Available from AUR:

yay -S thedarkmod-bin
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Last night I found the holy grail >

Need to check and sort them all ,but I think it’s cool to share with you guys :sunglasses:

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Flare is an open source, 2D action RPG licensed under the GPL3 license. Its game play can be likened to the games in the Diablo series.

Very good game.
Available from AUR.

yay flare-game

Yeah already by the video brings back the old memories of diablo 2 and cool swords carried on floppy disks for battles and lan parties…ah

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