Obsolete package: manjaro-hotfixes

manjaro-hotfixes is now an empty dummy package.
So you can safely remove it:

yay -R manjaro-hotfixes

Thanks for the heads up, done!

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Do any of you have problems mounting drives or external drives after this update?

Everything is fine with me, but I’m asking because some Manjaro users report such problems…

If such problems occur, it may be worth creating the mabox-hotfixes package :thinking:

No issues for me on my end.

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After this update, mounting partitions prompt a window asking for root password, is this something related to manjaro-hotfixes package? :thinking:

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Seems like it is related to manjaro-hotfixes update/removal…

See possible solution at Manjaro forum.

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The only change so far, maybe related, is the shutdown option now asking for password. :thinking:

I have never seen this behavior in any desktop distribution. This seems crazy.

Anyway, I created a mabox-hotfixes package with the same polkit rules that manjaro-hotfixes used to provide.

Can you check if it fixes these problems?

yay -S mabox-hotfixes

This fixed right away the password asking before shutdown in my system.

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Thanks, I did it :+1:

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Hi, all!

Today I tried to apply the update of mabox-hotfixes, but cannot end it because another package is conflicting. Before doing any dumb thing, better I ask first here.

This is the message when trying to update:

:: Starting full system upgrade...
:: Replace manjaro-hotfixes with maboxlinux/mabox-hotfixes? [Y/n] y
resolving dependencies...
looking for conflicting packages...
:: bash and bashrc-mabox are in conflict (bashrc-manjaro). Remove bashrc-mabox? [y/N] *(I answered N)*
error: unresolvable package conflicts detected
error: failed to prepare transaction (conflicting dependencies)
:: bash and bashrc-mabox are in conflict
 -> error installing repo packages
error installing repo packages

What’s your advice?

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Just answer Y to both questions.

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Remove bashrc-mabox? It’s counterintuitive to me.

It passed, obviously.

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It’s not very smart for me either, but I had to react to the changes in packaging introduced by Manjaro developers :frowning:


Thank you. I use a removable hard disk, but fortunately, no problems so far.

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Well, it seems that not being very smart this time served me well, I updated the system and always answered S.
The system works perfectly.
These days I was using Inkscape and a file generated some kind of problems so it was closing, I guess due to the use of some filter, nothing related to Mabox.