Non-English text

Hey Boss! napcok

It would be nice, and helpful, if you could translate at least some parts of those posts in Polish or other languages that some of us are not familiar with, but that you understand so that other users can follow the thread :+1:.

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Hi @piquet
Are you talking about posts in Polish Language category?
Sorry but this category is for support for Polish speaking people.
You can use any translation tool if you interested, there are plenty of them.

I donโ€™t write any important information in polish language here, they all in english or probably in globish :wink:

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Yes, those are the posts to which I was referring.

I thought it would be nice for non-polish speaking people to read those posts, and possibly to reply, if they have relavence to other members. I do not wish to intrude on what may be a private conversation but am always interested in other peoples comments/queries about Mabox.

I take your point about translation services but I have had some rather strange (and totally misleading :confused:) results from these when translating from German which I understood well some 50 years ago but now need a little assistance.

I donโ€™t want to cause you any unecsessary extra work but rather thought that input from the wider community may be helpful in some of these posts.