No Icons Please

How can I get rid of the icons? I realize some people may like them, but not me.

I am looking for that plain Openbox / Blackbox feeling, not the visual clutter of the icons. I do not want them. Please help!

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Hello @eee_eff , and welcome to the forum,

Where do you want no icons?
In menu?

Hello @eee_eff
If you want to toggle tint2 then refine this:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
tint2_process_id=$(pidof tint2)
if [[ -z $tint2_process_id ]]; then
    mb-tint2-session &
    pkill -f tint2

Define to whatever key combination C-k as an example

To remove icons from the application window title bar…
use Openbox Configuration ManagerAppearance

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I do not want any icons anywhere, but especially not in the menu.

It was easy to find the setting for that I could just uncheck that, and no more icons, at least in the menu.

Thank You,