News that may affect Mabox

Latest grub update on arch distros seems to cause boot issues.

Seems Manjaro team are aware of that…

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  1. Update your system as usual
  2. Immediately after you update your system, install grub.
sudo grub-install
  1. Reboot
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This problem has not yet appeared in the Manjaro stable branch.
And I don’t think it will apply to Manjaro and Mabox users :wink:


strange but mabox run better that manjaro :smiley:

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It’s not Mabox or Manjaro
At the level below Window Manager, Mabox is entirely based on Manjaro.

And I’m 100% sure Manjaro is the best base for Mabox.

The DE/WM used may make a difference.
There are excellent components at the WM level in Mabox, such as: OpenBox, jgmenu, tint2. And a couple others.
They work together with a certain amount of my glue consisting mainly of ideas and bash scripts :slight_smile:

Mabox ~= Manjaro + (amazing trio: Openbox + Tint2 + Jgmenu) + a lot of :heart: and passion

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Well i agree what he say , that’s all
I start using mabox when it was new in the linux world .
I left to play whit tilling window managers all around the place but mabox was always in my mind for the best openbox there is and now i am back.
I install also the archlinux-tweak-tool for my awesome wm .
Now i can play whit the 2 and have a solid base also .

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I reckon Mabox won’t see this because Manjaro-stable won’t see this because Manjaro-unstable and -testing exist for just this reason: to screen Arch’s bleeding-edge before it causes unnecessary fatalities downstream.

Interesting to watch though. I could make snarky comments about those who use Arch while trash-talking Manjaro: it is a small group but they comment incessantly anytime Manjaro is mentioned on YouTube, reddit, etc.

Instead I will just wonder how they will spin this so they can still snub Manjaro users. I will not go looking on reddit to see for myself.

I will not.