New to Mabox Linux

Hello everyone,
I’m new to Mabox and I’m liking it a lot! My experience with Linux has been with Debian and Ubuntu based distros such as crunchbang++, antiX, lubuntu, xubuntu and the list goes on (I’m a distro hopper, guilty as charged) and I even memorized terminal commands so that shows I’ve used them for a pretty good amount of time because I don’t memorize things that quickly.

The reason I shifted toward arch/Manjaro based (and specifically Mabox) is due to my laptop which is a 2011 Lenovo ThinkPad SL-410 Intel core 2 Duo cpu T6670 @ 2.20GHz with 3.68GB of RAM. I’ve been searching for lightweight and discovered Mabox on the website and it sounds like what I need and I like the look of mabox right out of the box (no pun intended). It’s relatively my first foray into arch based although I did try Manjaro for a very short time and I tried archman and arcolinux but I prefer the look of mabox and openbox or fluxbox and it’s weight seems lighter than the former distros I mentioned.

I’m sorry about the length but I wanted to introduce myself and wasn’t sure where to do that along with state the issue I was having so thank you for you patience!

The issue is when I lock my screen I put my password and I even tried my root password and neither unlocks the screen. I searched online and couldn’t find anything.

Also is there a wallpaper auto changer that I can install or is already installed because I didn’t see any on my install?

Thank you!

  1. You can introduce yourself on one of the forum treads, i don’t really remember which
  2. For lock screen, it might have a problem with either Keyboard Language layout or numlock. Or you just don’t have a password. Try different things.
  3. There is a auto switcher in left panel menu(ctrl+super+left_arrow). You might need to tweak setting a bit. Also you can try keybind f1+super, for command pallet. There are a lot of keybind, just scroll or type the name of what you want.
    P.S. Super key - is the key with Windows logo