New, separate jgmenu for Desktop and tasks sessions

I’m trying to achieve the following:

  1. To have a new, separate jgmenu to have all the menu items already contained in Desktop Session Manager and Desktop Grid (left panel, Super+Alt+Left). In this menu I will not only add the valuable individual desktop sessions, but also a mega session (or task session) that will open many apps (all dedicated to a single task, like for web development, for example) in multiple desktops.
  2. To have a shortcut dedicated to open that new jgmenu, something like mb-jgtools desksessions.

I already have my bash script for a single task session, that opens many apps in multiple desktops, and that uses deskmngr to fire up all apps.

Question 1: Now, where are the pipe menus for Desktop Session Manager?

I’m stuck. I am examining the script in mb-jgtools (I copied the /usr/bin/ version to my ~/bin folder), where the LEFT panel jgmenu command lives. At first I tried to find a .csv file in ~/.config/mabox to tamper, but I realised there is none. I cannot find the pipe menus mentioned in this line (716):

[[ $places_jgdeskmngr == true || -z ${places_jgdeskmngr} ]] && jgdeskmngr="<big></big> $DESKMNGR,^pipe(jgdeskmngr -r)" && pipesep="^sep($PIPEMENUS)"

Also, I cannot make it work adding a new line to the Places menu (line 700):

<big> </big> $(basename $(xdg-user-dir PUBLIC)),^pipe(jgbrowser $(xdg-user-dir PUBLIC)),folder-public

Question 2. How can I add a new item tho the Quick Nav menu?

Question 3. What’s the font for using that tiny icons inside <big> tags? Or the Unicode block?

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Many questions here…

Theoretically, you can write a new script for the new menu and assign some keyboard shortcut to it - but I don’t think that’s what you mean.

I updated the mabox-pipemenus package so that you can add your own commands to the DesktopGrid and Desktop Session Manager menus

So now you can add your own commands to the files:

For example to have DeskGrid menu hooked into Desktop session menu add this to ~/.config/mabox/jgdeskmngr.csv


You can add any command you like there, for example commands which run multiple saved sessions - as we talk earlier.

You can also run above 2 menus as standalone (not a pipe hooked into other menu):

jgdeskgrid -s

jgdeskmngr -s

If you like to bind them to some keyboard shortcuts just edit Openbox 's rc.xml.

jgdeskmngr (pipe) or jgdeskmngr -s (standalone)

You can’t. It is hardcoded. But you can disable it and add anything you want to left side panel (top or bottom). See MCC → Menu/Sidepanels

I think it is Symbol Nerd Font. To be able to copy/paste those glyphs install font-manager

The whole thing - menus, sidepanels and other jgmenu based mabox tools - have been waiting for a long time to be completely rewritten from scratch.
The reason is simple. As much as I like using them as a user, I also hate messing with their spaghetti code as an author :wink:
They were created a few years ago and I never expected them to grow so much.
I hope that after releasing Istredd and polishing Colorizer to the level when I’m almost happy with it, I will finally find time, energy and motivation to rewrite them properly.


You are a sunshine, Napcok! Thank you so much.

At the same time I feel very sorry to deviate your attention, but at the same time I feel so grateful that you as developer pay so much attention to the users.

I tried not to be so messy explaining what I am trying to achieve, but you got it all.

About the Quick Nav, that is the perfect simple solution that I didn’t take into account. Thanks!

I’ll post later how did all my scripting go.

As for the jgmenus , yes, they are a bit spaguetti code :laughing:
But, what the heck!
It’s so refreshing to have Mabox with light, customizable, powerful tools. I just love to tint it, rice it, and else!

I praise all your hard work!

Please, take all the time and if you need a hand for tutorials, documentation, etc. you can count on me. I can also help @ben_chile with translations, who is also a great collaborator.


Just reporting my results.


Now I have several tasks that automatically, each one of them opens in different desktops all the apps needed.

I associated a shortcut (Win+Ctrl+s, for sessions) to show the desktops and tasks sessions menu, besides destop grid settings. All in one menu. I’m just adjusting the precise positions for some windows.

Thanks again, @napcok !


Thanks @lobaluna :slight_smile:
Good to see you found and use Desktop Session Manager, and in such a creative way :smiley:

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