New Mabox Manual online!

A new, better and more complete User Guide for Mabox Linux is online.

Link: Mabox Linux Manual - english version only for now.

Still not finished but already more content than on website User Guide.
I think it is worth to look even if you a seasoned Mabox User.


  • some updated/ new informationa about Mabox :slight_smile:
  • day and night theme
  • navigation and search by keys:
    F , S ,/ : open search dialog
    P,, : go to previous page
    N ,. : go to next page

Enjoy :slight_smile:


If you like to contribute/translate…

Installation (Arch/Manjaro/Mabox):

yay python-pip
python -m pip install --upgrade pip
python -m pip install mkdocs
python -m pip install mkdocs-material
python -m pip install pymdown-extensions

Preview server

While you are working on the documentation and create new stuff it is often necessary to immediately see how it looks like. This is possible if you start an development server of mkdocs using:

mkdocs serve # from within the project home

This will start a development server which automatically reloads on changes.



Good job! Keep doing!